Thoughts about Christianity


Meditation is an urgent need of the soul, as food, drink and rest is for the body. Meditation aligns your body, your mind and your soul into the large, eternal entity you are.  It heals mental, physical and soul imbalances, without you having to “do” anything.
I sit in a comfortable position on a chair, my lower back supported by the back rest, my legs standing on the ground, my hands resting in each other, thumbs touching, in a quiet spot. Start with 15 minutes. I close my eyes and concentrate on my breath, walking away from my thoughts. If thoughts arise, patiently walk away from them without emotion. Without getting angry at them – or yourself. Just walk away, breath. I am a quietly burning candle, simple and pure energy. At some point you will no longer feel your body. You will not try to concentrate your breath any longer in an awkward calm breathing, but the air breathes YOU, you are being “breathed” by the eternal entity that is underlying your physical form. You are now on the tractor beam, being drawn into nothingness and it feels great and peaceful. Everything is just RIGHT. At some point you become aware of not only being transported by a tractor beam but you ARE the tractor beam. You are the mover and the moved. This is the perfect place to be. Stay there as long as you like. Something in you will tell you when its time to return.
Meditation nourishes me and connects me with my self. It reassures me that I am on my path. That my path is mine alone and cannot be compared to anyone else’s. My awareness is mine alone and cannot be compared to anyone else’s. The teacher is inside of me. Once I have connected to this knowing inside myself, everyone and everything is my teacher. They are all extensions of the teacher inside me and my ego no longer gets in my way.
Having grown up in a Bavarian village, I learnt a lot about the ideas and values of Christianity. I read the bible many times so far, the old and new testament. While I felt the God described in the old testament was revengeful, unforgiving and angry, I liked most of what Jesus had to say. Trying to find the original, beautiful principals of “Christianity” in today’s American society and its’ “Christian Movement” left me very disillusioned.

Jesus repeatedly encouraged forgiveness. He told the prostitute to “walk free and sin no more” after having defended her against an angry crowd that intended to stone her. He said “who is without sin throw the first stone”. America today is the only remaining Western “First World Country” that allows the death penalty. This I cannot understand.
Jesus clearly said that heaven belongs to the poor – and that a camel would rather fit through the hole of a needle than a rich person could enter paradise – yet, all prominent Christian preachers in America are multi-millionaires and often charge dearly for their services. The very goal of the American dream, as simplified by 50 Cents “Get rich or die trying” is in total, direct contradiction with Jesus’ teachings. So, how can a country be Christian and belive in robber baron capitalism at the same time?
Jesus is reported to sleep with his “favorite disciple by his chest” and having “kissed various other male disciples in love”. Nowhere in the bible I found statements against gay or lesbian relationships. Still, the Christian church condemns them. Why? On what basis?
The obvious one: warfare. Jesus teaches love and encourages us to hold out the other cheek to the one who strikes us. Yet, the Christian America has started most wars in recent history and in them has killed more people world wide than have been killed in all of World War II. 

If people call themselves “Christian”, I would expect them to at least read the bible and become aware in how many ways their daily life stands in direct contradiction to Jesus’ words. Just as Jesus was a rebel in his time, persecuted by the government and its’ authorities (Roman soldiers and judges), maybe its time some brave individuals follow the original text, despite the fashionable Capitalist version of Christianity.