Break down to break through – the current economic collapse


Meditation is an urgent need of the soul, as food, drink and rest is for the body. Meditation aligns your body, your mind and your soul into the large, eternal entity you are.  It heals mental, physical and soul imbalances, without you having to “do” anything.
I sit in a comfortable position on a chair, my lower back supported by the back rest, my legs standing on the ground, my hands resting in each other, thumbs touching, in a quiet spot. Start with 15 minutes. I close my eyes and concentrate on my breath, walking away from my thoughts. If thoughts arise, patiently walk away from them without emotion. Without getting angry at them – or yourself. Just walk away, breath. I am a quietly burning candle, simple and pure energy. At some point you will no longer feel your body. You will not try to concentrate your breath any longer in an awkward calm breathing, but the air breathes YOU, you are being “breathed” by the eternal entity that is underlying your physical form. You are now on the tractor beam, being drawn into nothingness and it feels great and peaceful. Everything is just RIGHT. At some point you become aware of not only being transported by a tractor beam but you ARE the tractor beam. You are the mover and the moved. This is the perfect place to be. Stay there as long as you like. Something in you will tell you when its time to return.
Meditation nourishes me and connects me with my self. It reassures me that I am on my path. That my path is mine alone and cannot be compared to anyone else’s. My awareness is mine alone and cannot be compared to anyone else’s. The teacher is inside of me. Once I have connected to this knowing inside myself, everyone and everything is my teacher. They are all extensions of the teacher inside me and my ego no longer gets in my way.
True to old concepts of the cold war, society at large is still mainly ruled by constructed fears of common enemies (Terrorists, Third World countries, etc…) in mass media propaganda. Political philosophers starting from Sartre (“Freedom can only be achieved by violent revolutions”) to the Neo-cons (“Freedom means free market economy”) provide no answers for the current meltdown of the capitalist system. The meltdown is a long anticipated phenomenon, rooted in grossly inflated numbers (Wall Street and corporate bookkeeping) and statistics (government agencies) of growth and wealth, similar to the last phase of the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Capitalism has only survived communism by 20 years and seems to face the same brutal decline. And again, the common individual will be made to foot the bill.
Questions regarding the general nature of human beings and the most effective social structures come to mind: how much control – and how much freedom - does the individual need – and how much can a society afford in order to guaranty maximum survival. But is survival in maximum numbers really the ultimate goal and index for a successful governance? Currently, Americans survive just fine, under tight controls. So do pigs in massive sties, cheaply-fed and exploited. Never mind the idea of humanity gets lost in the shuffle.
At this point the question seems legit as to what constitutes the value of a human life in the first place. Since the beginning of the patriarchic society (about 4000 years ago), there has never been any “absolute value” assigned to human life. In the true spirit of a hunter and warrior society, killings and human sacrifices have been a natural part of political strategy. If the patriarchs would finally come forth with their view that killing and warfare is necessary to shore up the system they created, there would at least be a certain honesty that could be respected. But unfortunately their actions have been in sharp contrast to their rhetoric of peace, freedom, justice and equality. To bring this lie out in the open and to come clean with their actual values, the Western patriarchic societies will have to reexamine their actions in past warfare, where millions of humans died as mere pawns for economical gain. It has been clearly established that the value of (human) life is far less than the value of capital gain. If the value of (human) life were to truly preside over the value of money, a government would be expected to guarantee basic needs like food, housing, education and health care to each individual. The social-democracies in Europe grant these needs. A free market economy as in America (that allows for a human to starve if he cannot take care of himself) would be totally immoral by those standards. 
As capitalism in crisis repeatedly turns to socialistic means (in forms of government bailouts) to prop up the collapsing economy, the Milton Friedman theory of free market economy as the best possible system has already been proven wrong. Meanwhile, these bailouts have not been offered to the hurting population. As in the case of Russia which was faced with a total economic collapse during Jeltzin, we have learnt that if faced with hunger and violence, people chose safety and food over freedom. Russians welcomed Putin’s centralized, tough government as it guaranteed certain basic securities to the inhabitants. Observing these developments, the need of government to stabilize a failing economy AND social structures that guarantee basic human needs is obviously much larger than claimed so far. As most political rhetoric still focuses on empty phrases of freedom and democracy, I notice that politics and economy in the U.S. has been pragmatic at best and devoid of any human values at worst. In order for this to change, the U.S. population needs to wake up from their comatose sleep and realize what its government has really done with its taxpayers’ money abroad.
We have all been fed the propaganda line that the U.S. wants to “bring freedom and democracy” to Third World countries. I’ve seen it resulting in horrible poverty and chaos through warfare with my own eyes, while working as a TV-war correspondent. In my opinion, Western political strategy has always been driven by purely monetary, pragmatic goals. The pretext of political agendas like “fighting communism”, “ending genocide” or “bringing democracy” is a cynical joke. Since when does the self-proclaimed capitalist U.S. act as a huge non-profit charity organization?
One important question comes to mind as I focus on the chaos the West created in Iraq and Afghanistan: if those populations were truly as violent as we are being told in Western media, why are we in the West still so safe? How come there are not more attempted terror attacks in the U.S.? Investigating these issues for years has led me to conclude that much of the violence and “insurgences” in Third World countries are instigated by Western forces. If the Middle Eastern resistance would be as effective and organized as claimed on U.S. news, they would have found ways to make the U.S. unsafe to live in since many years. Instead, the unrelenting chaos in those countries has enabled U.S. corporations to generate huge, undeclared profits.
Speculating about the future is always interesting and risky business. I do it after extensive research – hoping that I am all wrong:
I believe the U.S. housing and job market will further collapse to a point where the economy comes to a grinding halt – especially since the government coffers have been raided by banks, insurances and other criminal institutions for their CEO’s personal gain. I expect a phase of upheaval, leading to an even worse police state, possibly even a phase of outright fascism. As people are usually much smarter and more responsible than we give ourselves credit for, small communities will form and self-regulate for a transitional period. Eventually, the leveling of worldwide currencies and job markets/economies will lead to a reduced standard of living in the Western countries and a relative higher standard in Third World countries. Depending on how fast the U.S. economy will crumble – and how much they can still afford military action, America will attack other countries in  Endgame-like war-scenarios, to deflect focus from the very fact that they are bankrupt: financially, but even more so, morally. Attacks on likely targets like Iran, Yemen and North Korea are likely to draw the big players out in the open: China, Russia, Europe . Their emerging economic pacts will leave the U.S. isolated. America has wrecked havoc on many crisis-ridden countries with their Worldbank/IMF structural adjustment schemes and brought them to their knees economically while claiming to aid them. Let’s hope the powers that be find it in their own interest not to administer the same brutal treatment to the U.S.
On a Personal Note:
I do believe that I will see the destruction of the U.S. hegemony and empire within the next 15 years. I intend to document the social changes as much as I can for our successors and people in other countries. Also, I plan to make movies and publish books that give people hope in alternative forms of lifestyles, societies and governments (more egalitarian, participant model social democracies).Future generations will find it hard to understand why and how we allowed this violence, destruction and chaos to happen. From today’s point of view, all I have to offer are not political explanations but a philosophical one: the global human mass consciousness created this economical upheaval to rebalances itself, to free itself from the stranglehold of an unbalanced, patriarchic, economic ownership system that has gotten in the way of evolution. The evolution of our consciousness – which I consider the ultimate task on this planet of all that materializes. The mass consciousness of life forms on earth is ready to move on – quite a few power trippers are in for a crude awakening.