Emotions and their Evolutionary Purposes


If our minds are supposedly so superior in processing and navigating our world, then what greater purpose do feelings serve? If all learning experiences can be made outside the material world, on a virtual reality level – why even bother with our physical plain of reality? Why not short-circuit the potentially painful processes of material life and resort to a fully mind-controlled virtual world? Then, why do we persistently materialize on this planet?


I wonder whether our main purpose and task on this earth is not to think but to FEEL. Sensory experiences that lead to emotions are the only energies that cannot be created, experienced and exchanged without a physical body. Still, here we are, engaging in multiple vain attempts to control and suppress all our emotions! Could this be the ultimate misunderstanding in our attempt to understand why we are here? What if it is our most important task to bravely expose ourselves to a maximum variety of sensations and emotions and to process and share them?


Emotions (more than mere thoughts) seem to travel in telepathic ways between humans and even between species (try with your pet!). My observations lead me to assume that emotions are what unifies and elevates our entire mass consciousness, connecting all life forms, beyond rational concepts of time and space. Emotions provide the most complex, long-lasting subconscious learning experiences (more than mere “brainy” studying).


Feelings and the processing of emotions are THE ONE area that seems totally untouched by evolution. While our bodies and brain capabilities evolved throughout the millennia, our emotional development starts anew with each birth: a baby learns from scratch, all emotions are primal, no emotional learning is passed on through the generations from parents to children. We don’t learn from earlier generations’ experiences to not feel pride, jealousy or other undesirable emotions.


It is my belief that emotions serve a purpose in the evolutionary process of consciousness that is far beyond the tools of conventional (brainy) science to evaluate. Emotions will be the tools that eventually crack the code and surpass our rational limits in explaining our existence on this planet.