Our world seems in the grips of a strange personality cult: it used to be kings and queens - now it’s all about movie and rock stars or “celebrities”. We constantly hear of their escapades and are supposed to care about their daily drama. While in previous decades there were at least some iconic personalities in politics or philosophy who used their public platform to contribute interesting concepts and ideas, the public discourse of today’s celebrity is often without interest or value to our lives. The amount of attention and power a 20-year old celebrity wields just by having acted in a movie is grossly out of proportions with her contribution to this society. Why do we listen? And who put her in this position in the first place?


Throughout human history, there have always been individuals that were considered more powerful than others. Today’s corporations have created the “Superstar Cult” in order to maximize profits for their mass media outlets and merchandize departments. We have blindly adopted their self-serving priorities with religious fervor. The average American spends more time consuming mass media (the delivery device for celebrity gossip) than communicating with their families and friends. Are those really our priorities?


Many “celebrities” feel their words influence millions of people. They use and sometimes abuse their power for their own good. What do we, the audience, get out of this??


From a spiritual point of view, the phenomenon of celebrity is not a singular perversion of our social system. In my opinion it is a logical consequence of an energy field we all together have created.


I believe that each individual consciousness in this world contributes to an all-engulfing mass consciousness network.  There is no separation between people claiming to have “evolved consciousness”, between a self-declared simple-mind or a self-obsessed celebrity. We all together create this consciousness energy field just as we are all influenced by it. If this energy field reaches a certain critical mass regarding an issue that needs addressing, it creates an “outlet” – a person or phenomena that crystallizes all the available energy on itself, channeling it. Depending on the issue at hand, the mass consciousness produces a Ghandi, a Hitler – or a celebrity. Whatever is needed by the mass-unconsciousness. This occurs totally devoid of any good-or-bad judgment of the entire system. A mushroom does not grow out of itself but is the result of a “mushroom mycelium”, a fine network of miles of underground root systems. The mushroom is pushed to the surface by a much larger, invisible society, comparable to a silent mass consciousness. The idea that one individual has far-reaching, personal powers over millions of people (as we are made to believe by the mass media) seems absurd to me. An individual who is brought forth/expressed by our mass consciousness is a channel for our energy. They are created by us – they feed off our energy field.


The celebrity who takes their success personal and lets it go to their head has not understood or contemplated the origin of their “power” as they perceive it. The more the ego isolates itself and loses awareness of the energy field and jealously holds on to its power, the less inspired their art. We live in the illusion that we are separated from public icons we have created ourselves, in our image. It is time we take the power back and remember who we are. We share everything, all the time – even if we have temporary forgotten it.