Thoughts about Numbers

Humans always seem to need “reference points”: the year in which they were born, and their height and weight. They want to know where it all starts and ends. To define the point “zero” in year, temperature, longitude, etc… But how do you determine the beginning of a circle? Where is the point zero on the surface of our planet? Am I at my current age, at this current time and positioned at my current longitude always at my personal “Point Zero” by default? The randomness of picking the “beginning of the year” (a different reference point in many cultures) – in the midst of all solar systems circling each other …the randomness of age as determined by our limited perception of linear time (debunked as we speak by the latest Quantum Physic’s experiments in Cerne). I don’t even know if I’m growing older or younger – am I getting closer or further away from my point of origin? How about BOTH? The only thing I know from my limited subjective perspective: where I am is always my personal “Point Zero”, Here, Now. Amidst all the cycles within which I am turning and which turn around me. I am unable to determine my age – in relation to what? My size (above see level? In relationship to turning planets shooting through space?) My location – on an egg-like planet, wobbling through space. None of those are reference points that help me define who or what I am. My only reference is the beating of my heart that even gives me a faint clue that I AM.