Does your Ego REALLY need to be erased for you to evolve?

All thoughts you are thinking, hearing and reading have already been thought, heard and read before. They have long since become part of our collective consciousness and therefore are available to EVERYONE who chooses to tune into the right frequency, picking the ideas out of “thin air” like a radio receiver – tuning into our collective consciousness. Reading this, you are reading your own subconscious thoughts. Listening to anyone, you listen to yourself. It doesn’t matter which body one particular voice emanates from – a woman or man, human or not, from which country, of which age. The channel is not important.


Our sources of learning are as anonymous as our mass consciousness is. We would like to claim ownership of thoughts and call others plagiarists for “stealing” or repeating them. But in my opinion, no idea ever “belongs” to any one single mind, as no thought ever truly originates inside us alone. We all merely channel ideas and information available to all earthlings from the cosmic consciousness – humans, animals, plants, minerals and energies.


You don’t find your unique, personal answers to your unique personal questions in obeying your mommy, your teacher, your husbands, your politicians or your priests. None of these people outside of yourself will advance you further, only you can. Your job on earth is to find your unique path, no one can show it to you. So, why would we give our power away to others, why should we “follow” anyone or walk in anyone’s shadow? Once we are ready to really learn, everyone is our teacher, but no one but us can find our unique answers. Your pet is your Guru. The asphalt under your feet is. The tea you drink is. They all teach you to experience yourself. You do not need to follow them.


I believe there is no single entity on this planet which has a higher consciousness than the next. One person is not wiser than another. No animal is less advanced than we are. Every plant, every rock shares the same wisdom with all of us, even though they communicate it in a different frequency we might not always be able to identify. Quantum physics is hot on the trail of discovering the “conscious universe” – a scientific explanation for what shamans and other pantheists have instinctively known since the dawn of the human species: that every material form in our environment (whether we consider it alive or not) contains consciousness energy and therefore is a “life form”.


Many religions tell you: you have to give up your ego. You have to submit to a god, to the law, to politics, to your parents, your husband…even moderate Buddhists say you must lose your ego. Why is that? Is there a single teacher among them who has really given up his ego successfully? Your “ego” is an eternal entity that you can never lose, not in life, not in death, nor during your return through the cycles. You lose your body, you lose your created identity as John Doe or Claudia Mueller. You lose the attachment to certain material things. But it is neither necessary nor advisable to lose your sense of self that is your “Ego” while navigating life on this material plane of reality. Your Ego is what distinguishes you in the orchestra of billions of creatures and makes you special. The many different Ego-colors are what make this material world so rich and beautiful. I consider it my job to get to know and fully experience my Ego. You don’t have to “earn” your wisdom and your place in “Oneness” by checking your Ego at the door. You are already and always perfect, and so is your Ego – and you are born with it for a good purpose – just as a cedar tree is born a cedar tree. It enables you to live your life in a way no one else can live it – you generate a special experience – The world according to your Ego! You accumulate knowledge on your journey that benefits all of us – in our cosmic consciousness.


Observe yourself. The more you know about yourself and your Ego, the more you learn about all of us – all entities on this planet. The more you feel compassion for yourself, the more you feel compassion for everything and everyone around you. The more you truly accept and love yourself, the more you will truly be able to accept and love everything and everyone around you. The less you will want to harm yourself, the less you will be able to harm other entities on this planet. The more you will be in tune with yourself and become aware of your every thought and feeling, the more you will be able to read and feel all entities around you.


There are many names for this connecting, invisible fabric among us earthlings. Religions have called it “God’s love and compassion”. Science has called it telepathy, synchronicity, or serendipity. Telepathy has been used for thousands of years in various cultures (like the Australian Aborigines) to communicate and to peacefully coexist. Just imagine: once we are able to read each others minds and vibes, no longer will our capitalist society work: we can immediately look through all the deception, profiteering and lies, in business and politics. Wars are no longer possible because we can feel the pain we cause to others and are no longer able to inflict it. No longer can we betray others or are betrayed. Our relationships with all that’s on earth will change. We will be able to read the animal’s pain and fear that we torture for our many uses. We will finally discover the life force and consciousness in plants, minerals and other energies. We will know that we are all each others equal.


Now for the interesting part:


Knowing all this, we still will have to eat and kill each other in order to survive. But we will learn to do it knowingly, with gratefulness, love and respect.


We all use each other constantly during our life times as teachers. We create and destroy each other for our survival and learning. The Greek Classical Tragedy assumed that just by being born, by being on this planet, we become “guilty”. Guilty of killing to eat (no matter if it’s plants or animals) – we must destroy and kill in order to survive. We must breath air and thereby take it away from the next. We kill a tree to make a chair and sit on it. We dynamite mountains in order to carve out streets or find metals.


The environmental movement has painted humanity as the “enemy” and destroyer of nature. I believe there is more to know:


We have been taught that killing is always wrong. Only some of the oldest religions (like Hinduism) still remind us that this world needs destruction as much as it needs construction. In order to keep the balance between life and death, birth AND death must occur. Both are equally necessary. In the Indian mythology, a Goddess that represents Earth births and eats her children. This is an image that most religions have made us forget: That destruction has a place in this world. Death, disease and suffering have a place in this world, just as birth, health and joy. Today’s religions and science have taught us to believe that all suffering, disease and death should be eradicated and is useless. That they should be prevented at all cost. We should rather lose consciousness of our situation and live a dulled, numbed life than face any discomfort. What this attitude does not take into account is that most of our emotional learning happens under distress.


If we are not forced (by pain, stress or other so-called “negative” emotions) to confront ourselves and change our ways, we are happy to lazily drift through life without challenges, without much learning. Suffering should not be avoided at all cost but is a valuable teaching tool that points us into the direction of the lessons to be learnt. The more we become aware of our and each others pain in its early stages, the earlier we will be able to change the conditions that really brought it on. If we learn to listen better, the pain will stop before it grows unbearable. Pain is a tool that tells us whether we’re on track. Always listen to it. Respect it as your voice.


As humans, we are part of this world. There is nothing “unnatural” about us, as there is nothing unnatural about plastic or the atom bomb for that matter. All the above “occurs” in nature, is a direct result of the natural evolutionary process. For that reason I hold the belief that everything on this planet unfolds in perfect ways, even though it is sometimes impossible for us humans to see at the time. Whatever disturbs us is generated to make us stop and think. If we see a destructive event that upsets us and we change our ways as a result of it, it already had its purpose and place in this world.

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