These are some of my thoughts. They are NOT affiliated with any kind of religion or cult. Feel free to comment or/and add your own ideas!




-All material life forms on earth are created by a cosmic consciousness as a physical mirror of itself in order to gain a sensual, emotional consciousness of itself.


-No experience/knowledge collected by any existent entity on earth, be it human, animal, plant life or any mineral existence during any life time is ever lost or in vain but is constantly sending feed back to the cosmic consciousness.


-All life forms get to choose their materialization in shape, time and space.


-While every life form creates its own temporary ego-universe as a learning tool, it never ceases to exist as a part of the cosmic consciousness.


-The concept of time as a linear forward-moving force is an illusion created by humans to simplify orientation. I imagine time more as the surface of a ball, which means it stretches seemingly in every direction. Just as humans had to learn that there is no abyss at the horizon (the earth is round) we will have to develop a new concept of time. For that reason I don’t believe in beginnings and endings.


-Good and Bad are concepts created by humans to simplify orientation and of no meaning or value to the cosmic consciousness.


-Every materialization on earth serves an equally important purpose of gathering experience and learning, no matter how good, bad, valuable or destructive it is perceived as by humans.


-Everything we perceive as matter in this world is energy and therefore alive, conscious and our equal.


-All events occurring in our material world are related to each other in a synchronic web as described in the ancient concept of “Wyrd”. Coincidence does not exist.


-The cosmic consciousness constantly evolves while maintaining steady energy levels. For that reason there is no beginning, no end and no “threat” to existence. The assumption that humans are able to destroy life, the environment or this earth is overestimating the importance of our material shapes for the existence/continuation of life itself.





-To end the cycle of materialization, the individual can disassociate from the emotional experience of happiness and suffering by detachment: pleasure and pain, loss and gain, fame and shame are all the same. While total detachment is praised by some for establishing a “peaceful, even-keeled life”, it is considered as cowardice or escapism by others who believe that collecting sensations with our material body is the actual purpose of our existence on earth and should not just be avoided.


-Developing a dual state of consciousness offers the best of both worlds: identifying with a figurine on a chess board (as an example for the lower level of human consciousness: “I am the white horse”) allows identification with the material form and its inborn limitations (the possible moves are dictated by the rules of the game). Identifying with the chess player (as an example for a higher level of consciousness) grants detachment from the suffering and joy of the figurines. We humans struggle to find the balance between both perspectives: to be both, the God (the player) and the Human (the figurine) in our own subjective universe allows us to experience the broad variety of human emotions while still maintaining the auctorial, emotionally detached perspective that is sometimes necessary to get through the rough patches.


-Compassion is the result of a successful feedback-loop, integrating our human emotional experience into the cosmic consciousness. As our human ego becomes aware of our cosmic oneness (through the feedback loop), it experiences compassion. By identifying with suffering of all other life forms, the individual grasp the concept of oneness and is less likely to inflict suffering on others or self.



In our growth process, we humans are limited by the perceptions and assumptions of our rational mind. Memories of Oneness-consciousness are mainly accessible during dream states and barred from entering the pragmatic human rational mind. The purpose of this temporary (and voluntary) un-awareness/memory loss is to ensure enough motivation to spend a lifetime in the limiting, painful human condition. Most of us came here under the agreement to buy into the illusion, to consider our lives as “real” and as precious one-time occurrences that irrevocably end in death. This attitude motivates us to endure unspeakable pain and not give up. All life-forms are equipped with survival instincts that will keep them going. This is the only way how the entire spectrum of possible sensual experiences (joy AND pain) can be fed back to the cosmic consciousness which collects all our data. As soon as a life-form becomes aware of the postmortem continuation of consciousness into eternity (without reward or punishment, heaven or hell), suicide during minor conflict or painful situations would be a likely choice. This would end the attempt to collect the entire spectrum of all emotions that can be experienced while in the state of embodiment.

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