The concept of individual identity – as separated from a “God-consciousness” outside of us - has never made sense to me. Nature teaches us that everything exists in networks: all material existence, be it organic (humans, animals, plants) or inorganic (minerals, energies like fire, water, etc) consist of networks of particles or waves. All changes in energy affect adjacent energy fields. I believe that we can experience consciousness networks as energy fields -  just as much as we experience certain particle networks as “matter”.


Mass consciousness as studied by psychologists like Carl Jung and quantum physicians like Dean Radin connects us all in our feelings, intuition and knowledge. Tragedies like wars cause measurable stress reactions in entire populations, no matter if individuals are directly impacted or not. The mass media has tried to control, streamline and use those functions of mass consciousness for commercial or propagandist purposes - but this has been less successful than originally assumed. Mass media is unable to enter the actual primal drives of mass consciousness.


What if the individual only exists as a short-lived cell of an eternal body that constitutes life per se? What if we are all flowers growing from the same rosebush? We constitute a maximum variety of life forms that collect a maximum amount of data through our sensory systems. We constantly (not only after our death) feed back this data to the “mother ship” - the cosmic consciousness that we are material reflections of. How then can the cosmic consciousness (or “God”) exist outside of ourselves? What we have come to accept as the internet, a global network of active minds, is a plump, simplistic version of the universal consciousness network we all are part of since millions of years. We just have forgotten how to tune in! I hope that the internet reminds us to increasingly recognize our need for living in networks – materially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

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