What is Reality really?


Do you always remember your dreams? Do you have premonitions of what’s to come and wonder how this is possible? Have you experienced Deja Vues? Have you been advised to “Fake It Till You Make It”? How much of our life experiences are REAL? How much can we possibly KNOW? What can we ever be CERTAIN of? For all I know, everything around me could be just a figment of my imagination – as various Greek thinkers already assumed 3000 years ago. I can’t even know for sure if this world is still there while I’m NOT LOOKING (as Quantum Mechanics shows).


What if all our visions, memories, thoughts, hopes, dreams (we spend a THIRD of our entire lifetime sleeping) are not showing us what happened in the past or will happen in the future or in wishful thinking – but show us actual realities that are already occurring in a parallel universe? The Hindus and Mayans postulated thousands of years ago, that this world consists of a multitude of parallel worlds, all stacked on top of each other, as we are free to walk in and out each one of them…could it be we don’t exist in a universe, but in a MULTIVERSE?


Seeing the world as such, our concepts of time and space that have been mainly established by the recent phenomena of science would drastically change. The direction of “cause and effect” could be reversed. Today we believe we throw a stone into a window and the window breaks as a result. Tomorrow we might find we throw a stone into this window because the window is supposed to break…


I believe humanity is readying itself for a quantum leap towards a greater understanding of our existence. After science, which only ever asks HOW, we begin to ask WHY.


Moving in and out of various realities, humans constantly try to determine where is the “HERE and NOW”. They believe they find their grounding in our material reality -  pinned down by their physical bodies, which constitute the x and y coordinates in this graph of space and time.


Some Eastern philosophies are preaching to “Be Here NOW”. But why would we limit ourselves to Here and Now - if we can be ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE??


We float in and out of various realities, between the past, present and future, between material reality and wishful thinking/dream reality, even between life and death consciousness. As Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross has shown in her work with the dying, we live Life, and we live Death, as a conscious experience.


Possibly the only time when we truly grasp the entire concept of the “Multiverse”, the many worlds and realities, is when asleep. This brings us to the interesting theory that our sleeping state actually wakes us up to REAL reality – and when we wake up in the morning we actually fall into the illusion state of material life, which is just a dream – a belief various indigenous tribes (for example in Australia and Papua New Guinea) hold true since thousands of years. Hindu mythology describes the God Vishnu (a reflection of ourselves) fast asleep on the five-headed, all-knowing snake: our daytime state of awareness. In his sleep he creates and destroys entire worlds without ever waking.


In a concentrated state of alpha consciousness, we can perceive all parallel realities without conflict (for example through trance or meditation). In our usual waking state, our brain is constructed and trained to focus on the “matter at hand”, the material world. Still, the parallel realities provide guidance, advice, comparison and help in navigating our material reality. As we expand our consciousness, we will learn increasingly to include them in our learning process.

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